Car hire Port Elizabeth Airport will be the best transport option for those flying into the city. With car hire from here, there will be no need to have to be reliant on any other forms of transport. Upon landing, you would just need to walk on over to any one of the agencies located at the airport premises and rent out your vehicle. This will then allow you to have a vehicle from the airport and to the airport once your trip is done. There is also the option of being able to book your vehicle in advance and have it waiting for you at the airport.

In addition to being secure in the knowledge that there is a vehicle waiting for you to drive off in, there is also the factor of having done all of the selections and information sharing beforehand and then arriving at the branch and just signing off on the rental agreement. Several companies offer loyalty clubs where members get to bypass any queues or have a special counter attended to for them specially. A company such as First Car Rental has taken it a bit further and now offers a mobile check out at Port Elizabeth Airport.


Here, there will be no need to even enter the branch. Just go directly to the car park, swipe your card and be handed your keys. Frequent customers utilizing car hire Port Elizabeth Airport would find this service most beneficial. Car hire Port Elizabeth Airport can be done in both the long and short term. The minimum requirement for short term car hire Port Elizabeth Airport would be the 24 hour period in which the cycle is calculated in.

Long term car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is considered as being those rentals which will take place for 30 days or more. The classification for this period comes in the fact that longer rentals come at cheaper daily rates which would make the rental of a vehicle over a long term affordable. All of the companies offering car hire Port Elizabeth Airport do so with an updated fleet. For long term renters, this often means an upgrade in their vehicle if that particular car is due to be removed from the rental fleet.

Cheap car hire Port Elizabeth Airport is something that most travellers always look for. Your best bet in this case would be to book online and as far back as you can. Many of the rental companies have partnership programmes so always check to see if you are a member of one of these and you would then be able to get discounted rates on your rental vehicle. On the other side of matters lies luxury vehicles. This is also provided for at car hire Port Elizabeth Airport. More rules are imposed on these types of vehicles due to insurance concerns though this is of no concern to those who thrive on driving in comfort in a powerful vehicle. As you can see, there really is all types of rental options provided for at the Port Elizabeth Airport.