New York is one of the most coveted cities in the world where you can go for a vacation. The city has too many good things which you can be a part of. It has a mix of everything and no matter what you are inclined towards, you will have a great time in the city. Museums, Broadway Theatres, Sightseeing locations and probably every other famous place in New York is always filled with visitors and tourists. It is probably the most popular city in the world and for all the rightful reasons.

To make things easier for you, below are the top 6 things which you can do while on your vacation in the New York City.


Visit a Museum

There are so many amazing museums in New York that you will be spoilt for choices. They are a great representation of the city’s history as well as culture. If you are a tourist from a different nation, it probably makes sense to give a visit to as many museums as you can, to get an idea about the history of the place. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural history, Whitney Museum of American art and many more famous museums are in the city.

Watch a Broadway Show

If you plan to catch a Broadway show in New York, get to the Lunt Fontanne Theatre for an enjoyable time.The Lunt Fontanne Theatre is one of the oldest city theaters which began its operations a century back in 1910. It is home to some of the best Broadway shows one can witness.  Make sure to book your tickets prior to visiting by having a look at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre seating chart as they are almost sold out everytime. You can also get your ticket from the TKTS booth and avail good discounts.

Go to Times Square

Times Square is the most flashy, busy and vibrant place in the whole of New York. If you want to experience the speed of the best city in the world, just stand and gaze people moving at the Times Square and you would know why New York is said to be the best in the world. You will also receive an extravaganza of the huge digital screens at display. It is also a major spot for advertisers to make their brand placement since the place receives such a huge footfall.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

No matter which part of the world you live in, you must be aware about the Statue of Liberty. It’s a world class monument and when you decide to visit New York, make sure you head to the statue for a great time. It is an amazing experience witnessing the massive Statue of Liberty right before your eyes. It is a major tourist attraction and flocks of people are always around the monument clicking pictures and savoring their time at the place.

Visit the Central Park

Central Park is an amazing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a massive green space surrounded by high rise buildings. Visit the place for a quiet time in midst of nature. You can choose to spend time here by picnicking with your family or friends on any fine afternoon. A sunny day is always a perfect time to visit the park, just go there and relax to have a quality time. Go alone or with companions, the Central Park is a great place to be at in New York.

The Last Words

Visiting these places is probably the best way you can spend your vacation in New York. If time allows you, visit all of these spots as they are truly amazing. Watch an amazing Broadway show at the listed theatre but be sure to check the Lunt Fontanne Theatre seating chart while booking. Visit the Central Park and Statue of Liberty at a specific time by consulting with your guide to avoid any delays or witness rush. Rest of the places can be visited any time of the day.

It will definitely be a great experience for you to visit these wonderful places in New York and spend some amazing time in the city.