A new trend in holidays is photography safaris. It’s not that much different from your normal holiday tour, with just the inclusion of photography playing a larger part. The layout of photography safaris is as follows. First off all, you would book into one. They are done all over Africa, each country offering their own variety of culture, scenery and wildlife. Animals are probably the biggest lure on photography safaris and Africa has them in abundance. For the trip, you would only be responsible for getting to the start city in question. International flights are not a part of the packages that make up photography safaris.

This is due to the uncertainty of including a standard pricing because people do come in from all over the planet. However, once you have landed, you are fully taken care off. You need to just bring along some cash if you intend on buying any stuff from the region as mementos from the trip. You may want to tip your guide as well. Once you land in the country of your photography safari, the fun begins. You are taken care off right from this point. The guide will be waiting to meet you at the airport and to take you to the hotel. They will also lay out the itinerary for the day. You will be given a little time to relax from the flight, but soon afterwards, things get going on photography safaris.


You will be in a city area, since you have just landed at an international airport. You will be given a chance to enjoy the spoils of the city. Photography starts at this point too. There are many factors to take advantage of and score some good photos. Then begins the journey out into the wild. If it is a far enough area, then a charter plane may be used to shorten the travel time. Of course it depends on the budget paid for the photography safaris. If this is not done, then jeep and boats will be used to get to the prime wildlife destinations. The bargain bit on photography safaris is that you waste no time. During the travel, you have the guide to regale you with stories of the area or information on photography.

Lodges are laid out for use during the trip. They are booked beforehand, so you are always ensured of a roof over your head during your time in the wilderness. The days are set out between photography lessons at the camp base and going out to spot animals and photograph them. Time will be spent in local villages as well. Photography safaris are catered to be well rounded. Guests will receive 3 meals a day during photography safaris. You are welcome to buy any extras you want to indulge in from the local markets. All photos captured during the trip will be yours to keep. Printing is done at the end of every day and critique is given from the guide. The group then returns to the city for the flight back home.