Cuba bird watching tours are a great option if you wish to add some exotic species of birds to your life list. The bonus of Cuba bird watching tours is the location. This island is just off the coast of the States, lying in the Caribbean. The tropical weather makes for a lovely summertime experience. It’s not exactly anyone’s desire to trek out in the wild, searching for birds. Booking into Cuba bird watching tours makes this a bit easier to bear though.


Even before you leave for the country on Cuba bird watching tours, you will be given a full itinerary. This will detail each aspect of each day of the tour, right from the time you land up until the time you leave Havana for your flight back home. Essentially, you will know in advance, how you will be spending each day and where you will be situated along with the travel times. The list also details the birds that are to be seen during each part. If you have requests of a species you may contact the guide directly to add this into the list. Provisions will be made to accommodate the requests of confirmed guests of Cuba bird watching tours. You will also be advised on personal items to be brought along for the trip. For a humid country such as Cuba, there will for example, be advice on staying away from short clothing and instead opting for longer wear made from heat resistant material. You may also want to invest in good hiking boots. You will not be climbing mountains per say, but they will helps loads in navigating the rough terrains visited during Cuba bird watching tours, such as valleys, forests and river lands. For Cuba bird watching tours, also bring along your own birding gear. This would be your book, in which you record your sightings as well as your binoculars. During the tour, the group does not venture too close to the birds as Cuba does have protective conservation methods for wildlife in place which must be followed.

During the tour, every effort is taken to ensure your comfort during your stay in the warm country. Cuba bird watching tours caters for accommodation and transportation with air conditioning. Water is supplied at regular intervals. The tour is also structured to lessen the time in the outdoors during the hottest part of the day. Instead, this is the time used for travel between reserves. The most exciting time during Cuba bird watching tours, is the mornings. This is the part of day in which birds are at their most active and social, making it a real interesting moment to watch them at. At the end of the day, time is dedicated to recapping the day and exploring the schedule for the day ahead. The nice thing about going on Cuba bird watching tours is that you know what you will be getting out of it and will not be walking into the country blind.